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Hello again Michael,

I have been watching your videos and learning a great deal. I watched your videos on the piped pocket,

and thought I'd have a go. I have created a video showing how I got on, which you might like to watch



What Our Members Are Saying

Hey everyone. I am really glad to have found this site. I am learning to sew and have really been excited about

tailoring men's clothes. In my area only women sew and there are only materials for quilting it seems, so such

an in depth site as this dedicated to teaching real tailoring is really a blessing.    



Hello, l have just joined today. I love this site, l have been sewing over the years but have just made the 2 best

skirts ever. The video presentation is excellent so clear to watch.     



I do like the site since it's so hard to find sewing sites dedicated to tailoring, or really anything having to do

with men involved in sewing. I'm really good at teaching myself how to do things, but there have been so many

times as I've been learning to sew that I need to see it done on video.


~~~~~~~~ Page 2 how to make a bow tie updated

Thank you for the trouser zipper vid: it was FANTASTIC! Tomorrow I make my first trousers...  Regards,



I joined the sewing guru this week and am very impressed with the videos that i have watched so far. I look

forward to putting my new found knowledge into practise. Regards

Pat Beadle


Greetings sewing guru I love your site, very detailed and fun. Regards



Thank you so much for your videos, you make it look so easy! i am a total novice, only been shown the basics

on the sewing machine a few days ago as i set myself a project to make my two boys a cummerbund and bow tie each for my upcoming wedding! i followed your instructions to make the readymade bow tie, and wow! It looks perfect, my first try was amazing and just changed a few measurements to make the 2nd one slightly smaller for my younger boy and both look great, my mum said they look bought! I’m so chuffed; just want to

say a great big thank you as you’ve helped so much. Couldn’t have done it without your videos. Thanks

Also thanks for uploading the cummerbund video. Just watched it and you’ve once again made it look so simple, I’m going to give that a go once i got some more interfacing next week! Keep up the good work! Regards.



I'm really glad I found this site. I'm a student at the Fashion institute of Technology studying men's wear design.

I have to make a final collection consisting of jackets and pants. Your sewing videos have helped me tremendously. Regards



Just to say a big thank you for your videos, they have cleared up a lot of issues that pattern instructions fail to show. Thanks



This is my last day of my subscription that I’ve had for two months just wanted to leave a note. I have learned so much in that time it is incredible. What an great site you have made the details are wonderful and complete. I will miss hearing you say (now give a nice press)
Thanks Dave B... USA I will be back again.


Thank you so much for your Internet instructions. I have made the most perfect pair of trouser for my 11 year old son. Thank you.



Greetings Mr Coates, May I call you Michael?  First of all, I'm delighted with your instructive videos.  I am 78 years-old and I am new to sewing although I have wanted to ever since I learned to pronounce Balenciaga! That was a long time ago. I have a special interest in clean, clear elegant tailoring and your instructions satisfy those interests. Regards



I am relatively new to this web site and so far am very impressed with your videos. Thank you for taking your time to teach us. :)  



This site is fantastic and your work beautiful, I watch your videos from Florence to learn the art of the tailor ... even if online. I try to introduce this site to friends. Digita il testo o l'indirizzo di un sito web oppure traduci un documento. Annulla Ascolta Traduzione da Italiano verso Inglese greetings

FIorenzo D'Onofrio


Your site is too good and helpful.. Thank u very much. Warm regards.



Your videos are great, because they are so easy to follow.  I love watching them and learning the techniques. I am new to sewing and have always wanted to make my own trousers.  Thanks to your videos,I can now do that easily.  I thought it would be really hard, but I am surprised at how easy and fun it can be. Once again, thank you



I really love your site. It is the best sewing site ever.  I like being able to see what you are doing, step-by-step. There is no going off camera and coming back with a finish product.  Your instructions are clear.  The picture quality is great.  I gave up my sewing teacher for your website. It was too much to pay her by the hour plus having to shop for materials and supplies.  Now, my daughter and I can take lessons together at anytime of the day. We can pause, rewind, and start the video over if we missed something, or just want a refresher.  Please continue to provide your service to others.  You have definitely made a difference in our lives.  If it wasn't for your site, I probably would have given up on trying to learn how to sew. A special thanks goes out to the customer service department for helping me with my tech dilemma.  Thanks to all,



hi. love being a member on this site. You make each project look really simple. i want to sew some ladies trousers but don’t know how to cut them. your panels in the videos looked really different to anything i've seen b4. pls advise me hoe to cut the trousers. Thank You



Hi Michael, I am glad that I signed up on your website.  I had considered it a number of months before signing up and I am glad that I did.  You have provided more detailed instruction than I have received in classes that I have taken before.  The best part is that if I can't quite get something I can re-watch it as many times as I want.  I particularly like how you provide industrial techniques for the jacket and alternative ways in attaching something like the pants waistband.  A class I had taken before in pants did not show half of the techniques that you show on your site.  I am impressed that you add new items to your site which keeps me wanting to learn new techniques.

Thanks. Susanna


Hi Michael, I just wanted to say thanks for your videos. I make my own leather shoes but don't really know how to put clothing together despite being able to sew leather. Pattern design and shirt design has been something I've been meaning to get around to for several years but have been unable to find decent instruction on the net until I found your videos a while ago. Especially rare is that your videos cover men's clothing which has been a major challenge for me. In-person instruction can't be beat but I'm way too busy these days for that so your videos are a great help. Thanks, from a guy who makes shoes and hopefully shirts and pants too, soon!

James - Tokyo, Japan

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