Welcome to the Sewing Guru! The Sewing Guru Testimonials What our members are saying Hello, l have just joined today. I love this site, l have been sewing over the years but have just made the 2 best  skirts ever. The video presentation is excellent so clear to watch.       Flossy ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Thank you for the trouser zipper vid: it was FANTASTIC! Tomorrow I make my first trousers...  Regards,  Kylie ~~~~~~~~ I joined the sewing guru this week and am very impressed with the videos that i have watched so far. I look  forward to putting my new found knowledge into practise. Regards   Pat Beadle ~~~~~~~~ Greetings sewing guru I love your site, very detailed and fun. Regards   Jack ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ I'm really glad I found this site. I'm a student at the Fashion institute of Technology studying men's wear design.  I have to make a final collection consisting of jackets and pants. Your sewing videos have helped me  tremendously. Regards   Jack ~~~~~~~~ Just to say a big thank you for your videos, they have cleared up a lot of issues that pattern instructions fail to  show. Thanks   Mark ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ I am relatively new to this web site and so far am very impressed with your videos. Thank you for taking your  time to teach us. :)    Kuanysh ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Hi,  Your site is too good and helpful.. Thank u very much. Warm regards.  Padmaja ~~~~~~~~ Introduction Contact Us Future Projects Subscribe Home Why Not Join The Sewing Guru Community & Sign Up Today ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

hi. love being a member on this site. u make each project look really simple. i want to sew some ladies trousers but dont know how to cut them. your panels in the vieos looked really differant to anything i've seen b4. pls advise me hoe to cut the trousers




Hi Michael,

I am glad that I signed up on your website.  I had considered it a number of months before signing up and I am glad that I did.  You have provided more detailed instruction than I have received in classes that I have taken before.  The best part is that if I can't quite get something I can re-watch it as many times as I want.  I particularly like how you provide industrial techniques for the jacket and alternative ways in attaching something like the pants waistband.  A class I had taken before in pants did not show half of the techniques that you show on your site.  I am impressed that you add new items to your site which keeps me wanting to learn new techniques.



Thank you so much for your Internet instructions. I have made the most perfect pair of trouser for my 11 year old

son. I was wondering if your instructions are on a DVD that can be purchased? I'd like to be able to have it on hand

for future sewing as I know I will forget the techniques. Thank you.


I really love your site.  It is the best sewing site ever.  I like being able to see what you are doing, step-by-step.

There is no going off camera and coming back with a finish product.  Your instructions are clear.  

The picture quality is great.  I gave up my sewing teacher for your website.  

It was too much to pay her by the hour plus having to shop for materials and supplies.  

Now, my daughter and I can take lessons together at anytime of the day.  

We can pause, rewind, and start the video over if we missed something, or just want a refresher.  

Please continue to provide your service to others.  You have definitely made a difference in our lives.  

If it wasn't for your site, I probably would have given up on trying to learn how to sew.

A special thanks goes out to the customer service department for helping me with my tech dilema.  

Thanks to all,


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We would like to say a big thank you to all of our members for these great comments!

The Sewing Guru Team.

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Hi Michael,

I just wanted to say thanks for your videos. I make my own leather shoes but don't really know how to put clothing together despite being able to sew leather. Pattern design and shirt design has been something I've been meaning to get around to for several years but have been unable to find decent instruction on the net until I found your videos a while ago. Especially rare is that your videos cover men's clothing which has been a major challenge for me. In-person instruction can't be beat but I'm way too busy these days for that so your videos are a great help.

Thanks, from a guy who makes shoes and hopefully shirts and pants too, soon!

James - Tokyo, Japan


Just a quick note to say a very sincere thank you!

I watched part of your video on shirt sleeve plackets, and it helped me immensely. I am working on a shirt

which has front plackets (part of the historic collection from Butterick), and I was completely stuck.

The directions combined several steps into one picture, and I just couldn't wrap my head around them.

Being able to watch you lay out the sleeve plackets made everything click for me, and I just finished the

front plackets on my shirt.

So, for helping me through what was a very frustrating situation, thank you!

G. Hook



I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and so easy to follow classic tie video. The first successful

tie made today! Thanks again you totally rock!


~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your lessons, they are helping me a lot, I found them as a great source

of knowledge and very inspirational as well.

Angelo Semeraro


Thank you so very much for your wonderful videos!

I was looking to sew a little more for my guy ....wanted to do it right! Have been sewing for a very long time yet there are always so many methods and tips in sewing and I have loved to learn new ones and perfect others through your fabulous instructions.

Love the way you have decided to parse the classes, just subscribed a few days ago and I suspect I will be there for a while ....Thanks again, cannot wait to start on trousers and a jacket for my husband. Double thanks for the tailoring education. Happy holidays.

Teresa Flynn

 Thank you for the instructions - one feels so much more confident taking on new challenges, when one has  access to the sewing guru

Með bestu kveðjum  (with best regards, in icelandic )

Linda Maria - a very happy customer


Hi ,

I regested as amember for a month and I have found the videos fantastic and would highly recommend them to new and old sewers alike.

I have tried to obtain tailoring information on dvd form for some time and the majority I have seen are substandard compaired to these.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IT APPRECIATED.



This website is absolutely amazing! I am an apparel designer with a degree in Industrial Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design. I've been designing apparel for 9 years now, but my background is in Product Development & Design, so I didn't really get the traditional Fashion Design education. My factories in Taiwan, China, and Central America have always produced my patterns and samples for me. I've never needed to produce a single stitch with my own hand.

I've recently moved to Cleveland Heights Ohio, very near one of your alma maters. My wife has taken a Physicians position at University Hospitals Case Western Reserve, and I've decided to start my own business developing hand made clothing.

Without your extremely affordable and extensive collection of instructional videos and ebook courses, this dream would have been much more difficult to undertake. I've only just begun your courses, but they are truly amazing. The videos are so well shot, and easy to follow. You never miss a beat! I'm so glad I ran across your free video on You Tube.

I thank you, and wish you all the best.

Greg Huth - Cleveland, USA


I just wanted to say a personal thank you for the gift of the Sewing Guru website. To say I never thought in a million years that I would ever show any interest

in sewing or tailoring would simply be a huge understatement! However in the last month my life has changed as a very good friend of mine has just bought a sewing

machine and I have found myself completely intrigued by her learning (and doing!) and bizarrely found myself 'hooked'!

 I cannot reiterate how much of a 'left field' surprise this interest has been for me - and one evening I found myself searching for any information on sewing and

tailoring; for my kind of mind I need a big picture overview that allows me to then be inspired to learn the small detail. So I simply wanted to understand how a

jacket was constructed - I had no idea at all what went into the process. Suffice to say I was lucky enough to find your website and that evening felt $99 was one

of the best investments I would ever make. Having now watched all your videos in the mens jacket and trousers series, my world has changed and a world I never

dreamed I would be interested in now has me gripped; I keep looking at how all my clothes are constructed - and am blown away by how clever it all is: I LOVE IT!

 Thank you so, so (sew!) much for creating this brilliant online learning programme, it is a bit mind numbing realising how much online tuition is changing the way

we discover and educate ourselves. Also I did want to say what a great job you do Michael in the videos, your are a really good teacher. Thank you.

 With best wishes and looking forward to you helping me find my way in this amazing world I never ever considered would interest me but now fills me with passion

and inspiration!