When you create a garment or a sewing project, its a proud moment and a great feeling that is why we have  created this gallery exclusive for our members so that they can get full recognition for the great sewing  projects that they create. Welcome To Our Exclusive Members Gallery The jacket front panels already cut The jacket fornt panels with piped pockets The finished pocket bag Jacket front panel fused and a finished piped pocket including flap A closer look at the finished pocket

Lee Kitson from The United Kingdom

Lee is currently creating a tailored jacket ,  The images below include the front panels already fused and the piped pockets with a flap are constructed.   Thank you Lee!

Click the images to enlarge.

The lining of Lee's jacket The side vent showing the lining The sleeve showing the shoulder roll from the front The sleeve showing the shoulder roll from the back Lee sporting his constructed front right panel - nice job Lee!

Beulah Grant

Beulah has created the apron from the sewing course, the images below show the finished apron.

What a great job, very professional. Thank you Beulah!

Click the images to enlarge.

Apron front Apron showing the binding Apron showing the patch pockets Apron front

 A talented gentlemen from the Netherlands

Our talented Sewing Guru member has created a pair of jeans from the denim jeans collection.

A very professional attempt at making a pair of jeans, very inspirational. Thank you sir!

Click the images to enlarge.

Felipe Mercardo

Our talented member has kindly let us display his very professional work of some examples of bow ties.

Thank you Felipe

If you would like to see photos of your work displayed here, then send us an email with a  photo of your sewing project.   No matter how big or small your sewing project is, it has a place on the members gallery.  Email us via our Contact Us form We would like to see more of your sewing projects so be part of our sewing community  and see your beautiful work displayed here!

Steven Katz

Steven had never touched a sewing machine before and with a few months dedication and the help of our sewing videos he created a pair of jeans that he could where and be proud of.

We are very impressed Steven!

Steven's sewing room All the panels cut out and ready The jeans panels are ready to be pressed Steven's jeans complete front view Jeans front panels complete Steven's jeans complete back view
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