Learn to sew with our fantastic sewing video library at your own pace. Gain your sewing skills from a real English tailor

The Sewing Guru is filmed from a bespoke tailoring outfitters so you may here background noise

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The Sewing Guru is really easy to use. Choose a project, choose a sub category and watch the  sewing video

Each project is divided into a selection of videos for easy navigation and we will take you through

the garment step by step so that you can learn to sew each stage of the production phase by a real tailor

The Sewing Guru is based on real industry methods of garment production, but designed for the

home sewer. You will learn every aspect of sewing & tailoring as it is adapted in such a way that it is enjoyable to learn

Learn to Sew with The Sewing Guru

The Sewing Guru would like to thank Djelo Jusic and his orchestra & also Croatia records

For the rights to use the sound tracks incorporated within the sewing videos

Let us introduce the easiest method in learning to sew available on the Internet. Welcome to the world of online sewing and tailoring, welcome to The Sewing Guru.

The Sewing Guru is an online sewing course that is available to you when ever you need it. The concept is simple, Watch, Learn and Sew.

Think of our sewing classes like having a sewing teacher by your side at all times whenever you are sat behind your sewing machine.

Michael, your host at The Sewing Guru will teach you the methods and techniques in sewing in order for you to create fabulous garments for your self. Our online sewing lessons are the best way to learn to sew.    

Sewing Classes In One Easy Place.

Once you sign up to The Sewing guru, you will have access to all of current sewing videos available within our sewing library.

Click here to view all our sewing lessons on video.

How Does The Sewing Guru Work?

Think of The Sewing Guru as your own personal sewing library for every sewing technique that you will ever need. So for example if you were looking to see how a Zipper is inserted into a pair of jeans or if you wanted to know how an upper welt pocket is created you can login to The Sewing Guru and watch the sewing lesson for that particular sewing technique. If pattern construction is more what you are looking for and you wanted to change a standard commercial sewing pattern to fit you or a friend, again we have sewing lessons on pattern construction and manipulation.

What Does My Membership Include?

The sewing guru includes all current sewing videos and future sewing lessons that are released on a regular basis while your membership is active. If your membership were to expire and new sewing lessons were uploaded to our sewing library, then you would not have access to view any of the sewing videos unless you were to re-subscribe and become an active member again.


 Button-hole techniques Buttonhole foot

What Does My Membership Include?

The sewing guru is of a mix and match design for garment production. For example the process for attaching a centre vent in a dress is the same as that of a jacket. A concealed zipper in a skirt is the same technique of that within a dress. So once you learn every technique in sewing you can pretty much create any design or style of garment that you wish.

All E-Books And Patterns Are Yours Forever

Included with all The Sewing Guru memberships are e-books, patterns and worksheets. Our e-books within the sewing lessons are an overview of each sewing lesson within the beginners and sewing machine courses. The measuring and garment worksheets correspond, not only to the beginners sewing courses but also to each specific sewing collection that you are working on. These e-books and worksheets are in a PDF format and can be printed off and kept forever.

Are You New To Sewing?

No problem, we cater for the beginner in sewing as well.

Not only does The Sewing Guru cater for the advanced sewer, we are here for the beginner as well. We all have to start somewhere and what better place to start sewing than The Sewing Guru.

We currently have 2 beginners sewing courses available along side advanced sewing lessons as well so once you have mastered the 2 beginners sewing courses, then you can progress to our advanced sewing lessons. Of course all of this is included with all of The Sewing Guru memberships.

buttons on a ladies jacet how to make the ladies tunic how to make the classic tie

The Sewing Machine Course.

If you are new to sewing, the first thing you need to know about is a sewing machine. This can be a little daunting as there are so many models out there to choose from, well fear not as we are here to guide you through the basics of the sewing machine and how to use one.

The sewing machine course is a fun way to get started in the world of sewing. So we go from the complete beginning and give you the confidence you need to use a sewing machine.

The Sewing Machine Course is divided into 10 sewing lessons covering everything you need to know about the sewing machine. Click here to find out more about the sewing machine course.    

The Beginners Sewing Course.

Once you have learned all about the sewing machine, the excitement of actually sewing will be irresistible so that's when we step in. The Sewing Course is the perfect tool to get you started in learning to sew and not only that, it is completely video based meaning sewing lessons have never been so easy to master.

The Sewing course comes complete with 21 sewing exercises together with 21 e-books taking you through the basics in learning to sew. Click here to find out more about the sewing course.      

Advanced Sewing Lessons.

Once you have completed the 2 beginners sewing courses and you are really feeling confident in sewing, you can progress to the advanced sewing lessons. Included with The Sewing Guru memberships are 10 advanced sewing lessons covering darts, pleats, hems, facings and 3 different pocket designs. The advanced sewing lessons are designed to get you ready for the complete garment collections available within the main part of The Sewing Guru.

The Garment Collections    

If you already know the basics of sewing and would like to start creating a garment form scratch, then this section of the site is for you. In all, we have many complete sewing collections to choose from ranging from garment accessories like the bow tie, the standard tie and the day cravat. Also included are ladies garments and gents garments touching on standard sewing techniques all the way to the most advanced tailoring.


the day cravat buttons on a waistcoat how to make a ladies jacket the steam iron how to use a sewing machine how to make a gents jacket

Learn To Sew With The Sewing Guru.  

Hundreds of sewing lessons on video, hundreds of sewing hours to watch and master the art of sewing.

The Sewing Guru really is the number one place to be for for all of your sewing needs.   

And above all, our passion for sewing is reflected in this site, we would like to pass on all of our sewing knowledge to you. If you are like us and have that same desire to create fantastic garments, then why not sign up today and become part of our sewing community, we look forward to welcoming you onto our online sewing classes.

Remember if you get stuck with something, we are just an email away.

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