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Welcome to the sewing guru help guide. If you cannot find the help that you are looking for here, then please email us form the contact us page and we will do our utmost to rectify your problem. Your email will be responded to within 24 hours.

The Sewing Guru, the ultimate sewing learning tool!

Each membership covers every video available within the sewing guru including all future videos while your membership is active. Have a look to see what each membership includes here

Recurring payments mean that your membership is automatically renewed after each term subscribed for. So for example a yearly subscription will be renewed every year automatically until cancelled, a monthly renewed every month etc. There are no contracts so memberships can be cancelled at anytime. More information on this is available below under the tabs “How do I stop my recurring payment with PayPal or 2Checkout”? .

As all memberships include all of the beginners courses, you can learn sewing from the very beginning. Part of the beginners course includes how to read a commercial pattern so once you learn to read one you will know how to read them all. There are patterns that will include more advanced instructions but these are covered within our sewing collections also included within the membership. All patterns follow a similar process so there will be no problem with incorporating all the patterns that you may already have within the sites projects.  

The Sewing Guru is of a mix and match design for garment production. For example the process for attaching a centre vent in a dress is the same as that of a jacket. A concealed zipper in a skirt is the same technique of that within a dress. So once you learn every technique in sewing you can pretty much create any design or style of garment that you wish.

The cost of the memberships depend on the term length that you would like to opt for. There are 1, 3, 6 and 12 month options to choose from. You can see the different payment plans by following the link here

As a member we offer videos on pattern construction techniques so we show you how to measure the body and manipulate a pattern to fit those measurements. We find that if you understand the make-up of how garments are created, you will be able to manipulate any style of pattern that you want. The fundamentals of garment creation are essentially the same throughout all garments when you have learned to create each garment such as a standard skirt, a standard dress, a standard jacket etc. We show you how to create all of these garments on the site. Each garment is known as a collection. At the moment we have 15 collections for you to master. Within the members section of the site there are measurement sheets, production garment sheets and some unique pattens, these are all in a PDF format so they can be easily printed off.

I never received an email when I signed up!

Please check both your inbox and junk folders. To prevent any email from us going into your junk or spam folders, simply add us into your contacts list.

I never received a reply when I sent an email via the contact us page!

Some times errors can occur when emails are sent via the contact us box. this is normal.

Please note we are not ignoring you, we simply cannot read the email because of errors. We want to answer every question we receive so If you do not get a reply from us, please resend the email again.

If you still do not get a reply from us please resend the same email but from a different email address.

Video playback!

Video playback problems can be various things including Internet speeds which can vary from time to time, this is down to your Internet provider.Also download allowance can make a difference with unlimited download being the best, again this is down to your Internet provider.

Your computers processor speed and ram can also have a large impact in video playback.

Each video starts streaming to your computer at the same bit rate but can be varied in speed due to your broadband provider and upload speeds. Different times of the day can effect the speed as well, we get it here at the sewing guru development centre which can be a little frustrating at times.

The videos are a high definition rtmp streaming so will load from any point on the player so this does depend on your Internet speed at that moment in time. These videos are non downloadable unless you purchase a video download from the download centre.

I purchased a collection from the download centre but the videos do not play!

When you are watching a video from the actual site, these videos are viewed from a built in player from our server, this is not the case when you purchase a download collection from the download centre. In order for a video to play, you will need a video player installed on your computer.

The videos from the download centre are files in an mp4 or FLV (flash) format so you will need a video player installed on your computer to watch the video files. Please note, without a player installed on your computer, the files simply will not work.  

As the video files are in MP4 and FLV formats, you will need either one of these players to view the videos. There are various players available for free to download from the Internet or you can try one of our links form the video test page here

To download a free player, simply type “free flv player download” or “free mp4 player download” into the Google search engine resulting in various free players displaying for download. There are players for Apple Mac and Windows computers so please download the appropriate player for your device.  

We also have a video test for Windows or Apple computers for you to try. Please follow the link here for the test.  Scroll down the page until you see “Video Download Tests”     

The videos do not play smoothly!

The reasons for a video not playing smoothly are down to various factors. Your Internet connection, how fast your processor is within your computer and if you have the most recent flash player installed on your computer.

The main factor is your broadband connection, we recommend that you have unlimited broadband meaning you can stream as much material as you like without restriction. Also having at least a 3 -5 megabyte connection is essential for watching videos.

The videos are best viewed with a broadband connection such as a DSL or cable modem and make sure that your JavaScript is turned on in your web browser.

Can I play the videos on my iPad?

 The Sewing Guru is now also compatible with ios devices such as the iPad and iPhone. You will notice that there is an Apple icon with a link on the top menu bar of the home page, the same goes for the when you login to the members section of the site as the Apple icon can be found within the control panel.

Every video is rendered for Apple devices so you can now enjoy the sewing guru on your iPad. If you are using an Apple Mac, then the site can be viewed from the Windows side of the site.    

How do I turn on my JavaScript?

1.  Turn on your Internet Explorer.

2. Locate the tool bar at the top of the screen and select Tools.

3. Then select Internet Options.

4. Select the security tab, left click on the globe icon to highlight it and then select custom level.

5.  You should now be in the Security Settings panel.  Now search through the menu until you reach Active Scripting.

6. Make sure Enable is selected.

7. Click OK, close the window.

8. Press F5 on your keyboard to completely refresh your computer renewing any web pages that you are viewing.

The videos are still jumpy!

1. Install the latest flash player on your computer, this can be downloaded free from

2. Select the video you would like to watch and start the video playing.

3. Pause the video and wait for a few seconds, you can find the pause icon on the bottom of the player, this allows the video to stream in and helps with playing the content more smoothly.  

6. When you have allowed the video to stream in enough you can press the play button again to resume the video without any jumpy-ness. If you still experience the video to be jumpy, then pause the player for a longer period of time. Trial and error is the key here.  If there are still problems with the video, this is then down to the processor speed of your computer or your Internet connection.

I lost my password!

You can request your password from the login box by pressing the link forgot your password. Input your email address and your password will be sent to you. If you do not see an email from us, check your spam or junk folders. If you still have a problem please send us an email from the contact us page.

Recurring payments!

Recurring payments mean that your membership is automatically renewed after each term subscribed for. So for example a yearly subscription will be renewed every year automatically until cancelled, a monthly renewed every month etc. There are no contracts so memberships can be cancelled at anytime.

More on recurring payments

How do I stop my recurring payment with PayPal?

1. Please login to your Pay pal account.

2. Click the My Account tab.

3. Click the History sub tab.

4. Click More Filters which can be found just under the dates icons in blue text.

5. Select Subscriptions and Agreements, then select Subscriptions.

6. Change the date back to the year the subscription was created.

7. Click Show, Click Details next to the subscription, Click Cancel.

Once you have cancelled your subscription, you will not be billed any more, however You can still login into your account with The Sewing Guru and use the site as a full member until your membership expires.

How do I stop my recurring payment with 2

If you purchased a membership through, email us and let us know that you want to cancel your membership,.

We will cancel your recurring membership for you so you do not need to do anything, once cancelled we will send you an email to let you know that your membership and recurring payments are stopped

You can email us via the contact us page.

How do I upgrade my membership?

If you would like to upgrade from a monthly subscription to a 6 or 12 monthly membership, follow these simple steps.

1. Cancel your current membership vial PayPal. (follow the instructions in  “How do I stop my recurring payment with PayPal?” above).

2. Once cancelled, wait until your current membership has expired before you renew. If you are upgrading from a 6 months subscription and you do not want to wait please email us via the contact us page as you may have credit on your current membership, in that case we will re-embers the difference when you renew to the new membership.

3. Choose the membership that you would like on the subscriptions page.

4. You have now upgraded your membership.

I cannot find my download login!

Download logins from the download centre are collection specific so they adopt there own unique login.

For example I purchased the ladies trousers collection from the download centre and I have checked my email inbox and junk folders to retrieve my login details.

1. Go to the sewing videos login page found here. Sewing videos login

2. Login to the specific login link chosen for our collection. In our case we would login to Ladies Trousers link

3. Put your details into the popped up login box and login.

Please note that imputing your login details anywhere else will result in the login failing.

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