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The Sewing Guru.Com
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Michael has a degree in Fashion Design, of which he studied in 3 different colleges

The Cleveland College of Art & Design

Salisbury College of Art & Design

& finally

Somerset College of Arts & Technology

With his vast knowledge of tailoring & pattern construction you will learn the techniques of how garments are produced in the industry of clothing manufacture

On behalf of the Sewing Guru team, Michael Coates would like to thank you for taking an interest in this unique web site and hope you become a member soon. If you have any queries or problems that you may endure then please contact us by using the form above.

About us

The Sewing Guru was launched in 2009 with only 6 collections. Since then we have grown at a rapid rate and have added a large amount of content. The Sewing Guru now combines sewing and tailoring for all ages together with the art of sewing alterations. We are now diversifying into new areas with the launch of the pet wear course.    

Michael Coates “Your Host” of The Sewing Guru has been sewing and tailoring since 1998 so his experience and knowledge can be passed onto others. He quotes “I would of loved a sewing site like this when I was learning to sew so that it would have cut out all of the mistakes that I was making over the first 15 years of my career”  

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