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Not been receiving emails from us? If this is you please read on.

If you signed up to the site to become a member of The Sewing Guru and you never received an email, this is because your email has errors within the address.

Our software is designed to send login details to the email address that is first imputed into the email box. If an email has errors, the login details that you need to enter the site will not be received by yourself despite us sending the email.

This also refers to emails that you send in the contact us box as the same problem arises when we try to send a email back to you. The error email will simply bounce back to us resulting in you not receiving any mail.

Some example email errors:

Name@yahoo.com.com              name@msm.com      name@yahoo.com.sg     name@msn.com.sg

To rectify the error.

Please resend an email using another email address in order for us to reply to you successfully. Please use the contact us form pop up by clicking the envelope below. Thank you.

Thank you for your corporation, The Sewing Guru team

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