Learn to sew at your own pace with the 21 exercise step by step sewing course for the beginner.

  The Sewing Course is a fantastic learning tool for the beginner.

Completely video based as to make the learning experience even more easy and enjoyable.

The Sewing Course will take you through step by step exercises covering all the aspects of sewing to get you started.  

Welcome to the ultimate sewing course for the beginner

Start enjoying the world of sewing today.


Once you have completed the beginners course you can try our exclusive advanced lessons which include darts, hems, facings and pleats.

Again these lessons come with there own downloadable e-books   

Each exercise has its own accompanying e-book that you can print off and keep forever.

See what our beginners course includes:  

Part 1 - Tools of the trade

Exercise 1 - Equipment

Exercise 2 - The sewing machine

Exercise 3 - Using the sewing machine

Exercise 4 - The overlocker machine

Exercise 5 - Using the overlocker

Part 2 - Fabrics, pressing and project 1

Exercise 6 - Fabrics and trimmings

Exercise 7 - Using the iron

Exercise 8 - Lets get sewing

Exercise 9 - Your first project

Part 3 - Project 2, The Apron

Exercise 10 - The commercial pattern

Exercise 11 - Placing the pattern on the fabric

Exercise 12 - Cutting out the panels

Exercise 13 - Creating the front panel

Exercise 14 - Constructing the bib

Exercise 15 - Attaching all of the panels

Exercise 16 - Creating and attaching the ties

Exercise 17 - Finishing the apron


Part 4 - Project 3, The cushion

Exercise 18 - Preparing the front panel

Exercise 19 - Attaching the zipper

Exercise 20 - Attaching all of the panels

Exercise 21 - Finishing the cushion

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Beginners Course
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