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Are natural fabrics better than man-made cloths?

Can I use fabric scissors to cut a paper pattern?

Do I need a more expensive sewing thread when I am sewing with more expensive fabrics?

Do I need a press to fuse my fabric?

Do I need an Overlocker to start sewing?

Does fabric really make a difference with the end results?

Does my pressing equipment make a real difference to the end results?

Does the industry sew in a different way to the standard sewer?

How do I perform the shrinkage test on my fabric?

How do I prevent pressing marks coming through when I press a seam open?

How do I sew a mitred corner on a sleeve?

How often do I change a sewing machine needle?

How often do I need to oil my sewing machine?

How often should I press?

How to tie the classic day cravat?

I am ready to buy an overlocker, which is the best choice?

Is a seam roll pressing aid that important?

Is interfacing and fusing the same thing?

Is it okay to start sewing straight on to your fabric or do I need to perform a shrinkage test first?

Is sewing easy?

Should I always buy the most expensive cloth?

Should I invest in buying a blind hem machine?

Should I invest in buying a press?

What are fabric scissors?

What are sewing feet?

What are the main sewing feet that I would buy to start sewing?

What fibre content do I look for in a washable fabric?

What is a free arm?

What is an Overlocker?

What is fusing?

What is interfacing?

What is the best fabric to use for a standard sewing project?

What is the best iron to use for sewing?

What is the best sewing machine to use?

What is the best sewing thread on the market?

What is the best thread to buy for the blind hem machine?  

What is the correct way to measure some body?

What is the main equipment that you need to start sewing?

What kind of scissors do I need for a sewing project?

What sewing machine do you recommend?

What type of tape measure should i use?

When do i use interfacing for a project?

Where can I buy that looper-threader that you are using?

Where can I buy that tailors ham that you are using?

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